Eric Kim

Paragon Energy GP, LLC, the General Partner, is owned by Mr. Eric Kim . Mr. Kim has over 15 years of business investment experience in the acquisition of, renovation of, and resale of major commercial Real Estate properties. For the past five years he has been heavily involved in the Oil and Gas Industry with acquisitions through UPRC and AMOCO with UNOCAL and Kaiser-Francis Oil Company as partners in the prolific Bossier and Cotton Valley Lime gas sands of Leon County, Texas. Other acquisitions include an oil well in Bee County , Texas and a field acquisition in Dewitt County , Texas with numerous re-entry opportunities. Decisive acquisitions of non-operated working interests in new development wells have been accomplished in Colorado , Wyoming , Nebraska , and Mississippi . A strong financial bond has been established with a major Texas Financial Institution regarding the Real Estate and the Oil and Gas Investing.

B. F. “ Biff ” Yocham
Vice President

Mr. Bernard " Biff " Yocham is the Vice President of Paragon Energy, Inc. Mr. Yocham has over 28 years experience in the oil and gas business as an operation and evaluation engineer. Mr. Yocham has experience in the oil and gas business in Texas , Louisiana , Oklahoma , New Mexico , the Rocky Mountain region and the Gulf of Mexico . He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, American Petroleum Institute and American Association of Drilling Engineers.

Paul Merritt
Commercial and Regulatory Manager

Mr. Paul Merritt is the Commercial and Regulatory Manager overseeing the land, legal and regulatory functions of Paragon Energy, Inc. Mr. Merritt has over 18 years experience in the oil and gas business including over 14 years with Tri-State Oil Tool, Inc., a World Wide Fishing Tool Company now a part of the Baker Hughes Companies. Mr. Merritt 's experience included the development of a major manufacturing and sales program used extensively world wide and management of the same. He is a Texas Notary and a member of the American Association of Professional Landmen.

Arthur “Butch” Butler

Mr. Arthur " Butch " Butler is a Geologist/Geophysicist advisor retained by Paragon Energy, Inc. Mr. Butler has over 26 years experience in the oil and gas business as an exploration geologist, geophysicist and prospect developer primarily in the Rocky Mountain region with experience in prospect evaluation throughout the U.S. and many foreign countries. Mr. Butler has been the Chairman of the Denver Prospect Fair & TechnoFest for the last five years and is a member of the Denver Geophysical Society and the Denver Association of Petroleum Landmen. Mr. Butler is currently Vice Chairman of the Stanford Petroleum Investments Committee (PIC), and will assume the chairmanship of this committee during 2004.