Paragon Energy, Inc.
Forward looking Oil and Gas Investment Group with Exploration and Acquisition opportunities and interests in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Wyoming, Colorado. Paragon Energy, Inc. is also the Operator for a number of the Texas wells.

Paragon Energy Two, LP
A Limited Partnership created in March of 2004 and is presently in the process of being funded. It is different and unique in that the Partnership starts with producing Properties in Texas and Mississippi in which the risks have already been taken and further Development Prospects will have minimal risks involved.

Paragon Energy Three, LP
A Limited Partnership created in August 2004 and is completely funded. The partnership is currently generating a 45% Rate-of-Return from producing operated properties in east central Texas.

Paragon Energy GP, LLC
The General Partner of the Limited Partnership with Paragon Energy, Inc. providing the Management Team and technical support for the Partnership.